Many Fingers Make A Fist

by Citizen Useless

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Dang Dut
Made Vomit


released March 13, 2015

All music written by Citizen Useless
Music and Lyrics © Copyright 2015.

Album Produced by Citizen Useless and Uzeless Rekordz

Executive Producers - Dang Dut, J.Sin, and Citizen Useless

Mixing and Mastering by Jeffry Hataru at 88 Studio (Jakarta, ID)

Additional Drums by: Jeffry Hataru (tracks 2, 3, 5, 8-10, 12, 13, 16)
Octo Francius (tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 11, 14, 15)

Additional Guitar by: Adrian Adioetomo (track 8, 12)

Album cover and logo by Steven Legge

Album back cover layout by J.Sin
Skull & sparrow art by Yudah

Twitter: @citizenuseless
ReverbNation: reverbnation/citizenuseless



all rights reserved


Citizen Useless Jakarta, Indonesia

Formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in the wee hours of 2006 under the influence of lots of beer & good friends. A blend of high- intensity music, distorted guitars, & an integrated mix of straightforward punk &blues-inspired rockabilly coupled with the pop sensibilities of NoFX set to "frappe" is the Citizen Useless sound. ... more

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Track Name: Common Enemy
What you touch ain’t always what you see
Your faith is not the same as their belief
Think for yourself. Trust in yourself
We’re fighting with a common enemy

You will live and die on your knees
If you don’t question all authority
It is your right. Stand up and fight.
The system is our common enemy

When the lies hit you in the face, it’s too late
When the cage locks you inside, it’s too late

Sometimes friends ain’t always what they seem
And words of wisdom just ain’t what they mean
Think for yourself. Trust in yourself
We’re fighting with a common enemy

Cuz you drink don’t mean that you’re a drunk
Just cuz you’re young don’t mean that yer a punk
It is your right. Stand up and fight.
The system is our common enemy

When the lies hit you in the face, it’s too late
When the cage locks you inside, it’s too late
Track Name: The Devil's Dice
Sippin’ on some home brew
In my thirty-six coup
The music’s leading me astray

Talkin’ with some loose lips
Tuck away the crucifix
There’s always something in the way

My heart’s on fire
Can I get a little ice
I never hold back when I make a bet
I’m playing with the devil’s dice

Wrap myself in barbed wire
Standing in the line of fire
Just to get a look at you

Screaming down the Vegas strip
Ready for a guilt trip
I got nothing else to do

Stickman’s got some ill eyes
Playing with some capped dice
Down a couple thousand grand

Betting on some boxcars
Devil’s back against the wall
Pigeon’s got the upper hand

Seven is the sun rise
Snake eyes and my angel cries
Nothing really left to sell

Now I’m at the cross road
A suicide reload
I’ll see all you boys in Hell
Track Name: The Streets
I walk the streets
Underneath an empty sky
They draw me in
And there is no question why

There is a purpose
To every step that I take
I walk the line
And every turn that I make

It starts a chapter
Tells the world I am free
and every corner
Is a wave upon a sea

That has no ending
So why not open up your mind
And take off that suit
And refuse to be confined

The streets are calling me home
The streets are calling me home
The streets are calling me home
The streets are calling me home

There is a truth
That is there for you to find
If you go looking
Within the galleys of the mind

Where every echo
And every choice that you make
It brings you closer
‘til you know it’s not too late

To let it go
And end it all with good bye
Find some good friends
Who will never ask you why

You walk the streets
Underneath an empty sky
Guitar on your back
And the future in your eyes
Track Name: Wag The State
Dumb down the population
Give birth to imitations
Demonize the neighbor
Launch the defamation

Eastwood up the President
Reverse the school of thought
Looney Toon the media
Consumerize the lot

Wag the State

Wag the State
Shifted weight
Sign the bill
In for the kill

They flash their Colgate smiles
They name drop all the greats
Then nuke that precious liberty
To make way for the master race

Lock up the underprivileged
Tax breaks to corporations
Demonize the workers
Tear gas the protestation

Canonize the Devil
Infringe on human rights
Newborn kids in garbage bins
What the fuck’s our selling price?

Photoshop the bullet holes
Paint in the nation’s flag
Delude the voting public
And hide the true price tag
Track Name: Drink and Screw
Every time we’re sniffing glue
We just want to drink and screw
Chasing gin with bad home brew
We just want to drink and screw
Out on the piss and we’ve had a few
We just want to drink and screw
Even after we fucking spew
We just want to drink and screw

Don’t give a shit ‘bout your kung-fu
We just want to drink and screw
When we pass out and then come to
We just want to drink and screw
These are the only things we do
We drink a lot and then we screw
So all the ladies join the queue
Cuz we just want to drink and screw
Track Name: One Voice
So many people, they wanna keep us down
Yeah they hate us hard and they hate us proud
They call it attitude I call it being true
To Hell with all the rules, don’t tell us what to do

Stand up
Stand strong
Show them that we belong

Stand tall
Stand true
The choice is up to you

And fight
They’re playing with our lives

One voice
One choice

We are not a tool, We’re not your stepping stones
You got your blindfold on, you’re in the power zone
You sit upon the throne and play the lawful king
Wear the tailored suit to hide the puppet strings

You take away our books, you price up all our meds
Tapping all our phones, put cameras in our heads
You justify with lies to take away our rights
This patriotic bullshit’s not worth the selling price.
Track Name: Drink With The Devil
Standing at a crossroads
I had to stop and think.
Should I sell my worthless soul
Just for one more drink?

In my hand an empty glass
But Lucy’d ordered more
I’d let it go for one more drink
Or two, or maybe four?

I’m gonna drink with the devil tonight
I’m gonna drink with the devil tonight
I’m gonna drink with the devil tonight

Ever the whiskey rebel
I wasn’t thinkin’ straight.
I like me drink but this guy has
One hell of an interest rate

With the sex n drugs I’d done
I knew that I was screwed
And sayin’ no just seemed to me
To be a tad bit rude

Handing him my empty
He filled it to the brim
I raise that glass and drink it down
Singin’ the Devil’s hymn

When the bottle was done
I stood up from my chair
Gave Beelzebub my soul
And called it fair and square
Track Name: Lawless
I wander the scope of this dusty old land
Pistol by my side, and a whiskey in my hand
My life’s got no meanin’
If I ain’t kept bleedin’
I’m outgunning Death, and the Devil be damned!

Out on the shoot with one foot in the grave
A mud-stained cloak and gunpowder aftershave
Lock, stock, and barrel
My life has gone feral
I walk alone, a ghost of these plains.

Lawless; you make your last stand
Faceless; holding a dead man’s hand
Relentless; for forever you roam
Fearless; you can never go home

My back’s to the wall in a filthy saloon
Whiskey in my hand, and one eye on the room
When in walked the law
He went for the draw
That cheap dirty rum-hole became a bloody ol’ tomb

I holstered my iron and watched as he bled
Finished my whiskey, tipped my hat and I said
I’m the Devil reborn
So pull in your horns
I turned and I walked and left him for dead

I walked out at noon, eyes raised to the sun
That’s when I heard the click of a gun
At the drop of a hat
It was over like that
I fell to my knees and I knew I was done

No mercy shot and no prison cell
A California collar my final farewell
There was death in my eyes
As I looked to the sky
The Devil reached up, dragged me straight down to Hell
Track Name: Drink With Me (Or Die By Me)
Red Roses from me
A nation’s pride in my heart
I’m known to the wise
As the Irish Mozart
I’ve taken the stage and I played what I chose
And I’ll live and I’ll die
in poetry and prose

Drink with me
Or die by me
Give me death
Or liberty

Fer thirty odd year
I’ve kept up the fight
I’ve drank with the scabs
Til I couldn’t tell ye hi
They say I’m a man you don’t meet every day
But I’m just a culchie
Who finally found his way

Drink with me
Or die by me
Give me death
Or liberty

Drink with me
Or die by me
Give me death
Or liberty

(It’s) been a long rocky road
Filled with whiskey and gin
No lick and a promise
All ‘effin n blindin’
And I did it myself and it went down my way
Can you say the same
At the end of the day?

Drink with me
Or die by me
Give me death
Or liberty

Drink with me
Or die by me
Give me death
Or liberty
Track Name: Feed The Animal
In the cat’s cradle lookin’ for love
Cue the dream, it’s never enough
There’s a God in this city of rot
He smells of beer, pussy and pot

Chalk me up
Coming down
Light a fire, now
Feed the animal

I gotta little black baby of mine
I gotta little she’s sweet as wine
I gotta a little black baby of mine
I get a little bit all the time

Took a trip now I’m totally spent
Rockette in my bed, can’t pay the rent
Skin poppin’, burn the main line
Drop the pin n’ I’m feelin’ fine

On the streets, yeah! Lookin’ to score
Fuck the man, we’re ready for war
On broken legs you can never run
Muzzle up, cuz guns are fun
Track Name: Fight
Fight for your
Don’t ever play along
Cuz the system is wrong
Stand up and…

Fight all the biased legislation
We are tired of your limitations
We don’t have no fucking obligations
To bow down to your regulations

Fight the force-fed indoctrination
Yeah, we like to watch fornication
Nothing’s wrong with intoxication
Sex and drugs are our inspiration
Track Name: Speakeasy Under Sharia
There's a little place I know
Where anything goes
It’s a place to unwind
And the Sharia police can’t find.

You can drink a dozen beer
Touch a woman without fear
That you’ll be beaten down
And then run out of town.

Oh if they caught us
I don’t wanna think about that.
Oh if they caught us
They might never, never, never let us back.

Speakeasy under Sharia!
Whoa whoa whoa
Speakeasy under Sharia!

There's a little place I know
Where I’m a John Doe
I can tell a dirty joke
To a chick drinking rum and coke

But when we hear a little noise
We gotta hide all the toys
So freedom isn’t really free
When you’re hanging from a Judas Tree
Track Name: Raise A Glass
I sit here at this dodgy bar
The first place I called home
A shot of whiskey n’ my guitar
All I can call my own

Gather ‘round it’s time to sing
It’s time to laugh, not think
For soon I’ll leave this world of sin
So I pour another drink

And raise a glass to what I got
‘cause what I got is mine
And drink it down, try to forget
What’s always on my mind

So raise a glass to what you got
‘cause what you got is yours
And drink it down, try to forget
All your pains and sores

I have had my share of friends
From rednecks to con men
We’ve drunk until the bitter end
And then we drank again

I’ve lost friends and I’ve lost kin
I’ve had a million fights
I’ve taken it upon the chin
And drank straight through the night
Track Name: Mental Anarchy
The youth of today, sink to their knees, empty their minds
Follow the leader, swallow the system, and wear the gag
It’s better to fight, it’s better to die, than do as you’re told
Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, take back control

Power attracts, Power corrupts, Power enslaves
Authority lies; it feeds your fear, and digs your graves
Spit on the flag, shit on the law, and raise your fists
Take off the chains, slaughter the pigs, you must resist

Reject all they stand for
Reject and revolt
You’re no less a slave
Just because you vote
Stand up for a reason
Stand for sanity
Get up off your knees
Mental Anarchy!

Orwellian dreams, government thugs, prey on the weak
Under a thumb, no-one is free, ‘cept the elite
Step off the path, don’t be a pawn, never obey
Question the rules, take off the leash, go your own way

Cut off the strings, take off the mask, pick up their gun
Be your own person, be your own master, an army of one
Dirty your mind, awaken the truth, n’ close the gate
Abolish their Gods, believe in yourself, and deviate
Track Name: Whiskey Shots
The sun goes down, the lights go out
Leave the docks
It’s time to shout
Another day, of work is done
it’s time to drink
Til we greet the sun

Fuck the shirts, and empty suits
That “hell-with-you stare”
What can you do?
The working man, keeps this world alive
And that I’ll be
Til the day I die

Whiskey shots and cigarettes
I work two jobs to pay me debts
A working stiff I drink me brew
Then crawl to God to have a spew

I spend my time, at Murphy’s pub
Drink with the lads
And look for love
One time I had, a strong young lass
But she left me stag
With an empty glass

From too much drink, ‘n one night stands
I travelled to
Foreign lands
It’s there I met, me friends and fun
we drink our shots
Til the mornin’ comes
Track Name: Jakarta
There’s a place in the world
full of lots of boys and girls
and it’s always about 30 degrees
There are lots of big tall buildings
but there are not too many trees
I’m talking about Jakarta

If you can find it anywhere I bet you can find it here
Except for clean streets and lack of corruption
Walking down the street people love to stop and greet
I’m talking about Jakarta

Yeah we know… there’s a lot of traffic jams
Yeah we know… there’s a lot more people than they planned
Yeah we know… It’s not the place to relax
But I’ll take it like that, I’m making a pact, with Jakarta

It looks beautiful at night, though the stars are not too bright
You sure can find a lot of things to do
Take a pill at stadium; get a fungal infection
So remember to use protection
If you need a place to think, you can do it while you drink
There ain’t no shortage of cheap bars
If you’re looking for a friend, you can rent one who’ll attend.
I’m talking about Jakarta

Yeah we know... there’s a lot of poverty
Yeah we know... that nothing comes for free
Yeah we know… some places really smell
But I'll take it like that; I'm making a pact with Jakarta

Yeah we know… the police will rob you twice
Yeah we know… the pollutions not so nice
Yeah we know… occasionally there is a bomb
But I’ll take it like that, I’m making a pact with Jakarta

Everywhere that you go people are putting on a show
There’s always something happening on the street
If you learn to speak the slang, you can find a place to hang
and somewhere you can eat Indomie

You can buy stuff really cheap, though it’ll only last a week
You can always go and buy another one
If you want to find a place that’ll keep you in the race
Ya gotta come to Jakarta